Pittsgrove Arts Foundation

Mission Statement
The mission of the Pittsgrove Arts Foundation “PAF” is to help provide a well-rounded education in the Pittsgrove Township School District that is comprehensively rich in the arts. 

Article 1: Purpose
The Pittsgrove Arts Foundation, Inc. is an independent, non-profit community-based corporation formed for the purpose of providing increased community support for the Pittsgrove Township School District.  By directing available resources toward areas of identified need, primarily to support progress in the Arts, which are in need of support beyond this District’s budgetary ability, the Foundation will provide an effective mechanism through which community resources can be allocated for worthwhile programs.  It is a vehicle for informing the public, channeling support for our schools, enhancing community participation, and furthering the quality of education provided by the District. 

Upcoming Arts Events
- March 17, 2017: A.P. Schalick High School Jazz Festival
Art Show begins at 5:00 p.m.  Exhibits will be in the cafeteria and lobby.

- April 11, 2017: Olivet and PTMS Spring Concert and Art Show at 7:00 p.m.
Location: A.P. Schalick High School Auditorium

- April 21, 2017: Teen Arts Festival at Appel Farms

- April 2017: Olivet Elementary School Musical

- June 2017: Pittsgrove Music Ensemble Concert


See the District Calendar for additional events.

Past PAF Donation Projects
- Curtains for Schalick High School auditorium
- Baby Grand piano for Schalick High School
- Funding for Schalick High School's orchestra pits 
- Playbills from past Schalick High School plays framed for the auditorium
- Scholarships for two graduating seniors pursuing degrees in the Arts
- Instruments for the Elementary School Music Program
- 10-week programs at Appel Farms
- Kiln and ceramic start-up supplies for Olivet Elementary School

Past PAF-Sponsored Events
- Auction Fundraisers
- "A Beach Blast" in April 2016 with a night of dancing and music by Tidal Wave
- Jazz performance by the Schalick High School Jazz Band with dinner at Dodge's Market


Event Feedback from the Community
- We want to see an outdoor concert with picnic blankets under the stars.
- Great seeing young people today playing (music) and enjoying themselves.
- Kudos to those responsible for tonight’s event.  Thank you.
- Wonderful, great night!!!
- Pittsgrove wants country, rock, jazz, gospel, Motown, instrumental, swing bands, classical music, and a quartet.
- We want comedy shows, and bus trips to the city to go to museums and the theater.

How Can You Support the PAF?
- Volunteer your time.
- Donate funds to support our schools.
- Get involved.

For additional information, please contact:
Janice Chassier, PTSD Arts Liaison: jchassier@pittsgrove.net

 Jason Ragan, PAF President: jragan@pittsgrove.net